Canberra Drive
3-Bedroom Condo · 1100 sqft

Canberra Drive

Canberra Drive

Condo · 
1100 sqft

This three-bedroom condo makes you feel like you are in a globetrotter’s home as soon as you step through the living area.

It is impossible to miss the main focal point of the interior which is a custom-made entertainment shelving unit in a world map’s shape.

Bold integration of bright colors in the design of the carpentry units were used unsparingly to make a statement. What makes this space truly unique is the integration of the owner’s memories of travel directly into interior design.

Further touches include a mix of Modern and Scandinavian style of furniture pieces, a world map pinboard to document the owner’s travels and a patterned wallpaper which adds more visual texture to the room.

In contrast to this adventurous living space, the bedrooms were designed in a subdued manner. The rooms have serene expanse of light grey walls and modern mid-century pieces softened by sheer curtains and comfortable linens.

As The Scientist always emphasizes, it’s all about the creative collaboration and clear communication with the owners much like how colour must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel.

Colours must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel