Amber Gardens, Singapore
3-Bedroom Condo · 1200 sqft

Amber Gardens

Amber Gardens, Singapore

Condo · 
1200 sqft

There’s only one thing to say about this pair of homeowners, and it’s that they love to shop. They only had one request: plenty of wardrobe space for their massive collection of clothing and accessories.

Alvin thus proposed hacking away the original concrete walls dividing the master bedroom and the en-suite bathroom, and replacing them with a row of full-height wardrobes. The cabinet design was deliberately kept minimal – groove lines with black trimming – so as to not steal attention away from the rest of the space. Within the master bedroom itself, an area was set aside for the walk-in wardrobe.

The homeowner also wanted a place to display her glassware, which is of great sentimental value to her as they were given to her by her late father. Alvin spotted a recess area in the living area of the original layout and suggested constructing an open shelf unit there, which the couple also used to store their wine collection.

The newly weds did not have a particular preference for a single theme, which meant that the designer had greater freedom to experiment and be creative in the different parts of the home.

To create a clear demarcation between the sleeping area and walk-in wardrobe, the snooze zone was raised to the same level as the existing bay window. Although the raised platform takes up a lot of room, light-coloured surfaces here help to give the illusion of a taller and bigger space.

Excerpt from SquareRooms September 2015

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