Punggol Walk
3-Bedroom Condo · 1600 sqft

Twin Waterfalls

Punggol Walk

Condo · 
1600 sqft

The living room of this humble abode showcase a glimpse of the luxury and elegant factor of a modern Victorian home.

Floor to ceiling dark wood cabinet with a gold trimming give a touch of glam into the whole living space. This nice backdrop not only help to declutter, but also double up as an area where homeowner can display her collection of glassware. The use of dark colour here emphasis on the height of ceiling, paired with oversized chandelier that added a cosy and sophisticated feel to the home.

Dark leather chesterfield sofa made a stunning focal point in the living room, providing one of the comfortable spot to enjoy glass of wine and still stay classy.

On the opposite side, the TV wall which designed deliberately kept minimal with elegant Victorian beading in light tone not to steal attention away from the rest of the space.

All these create a welcoming space that has a timeless classy aesthetic design.

It’s not the home I love, but the life that is lived here