About Us & Our Philosophy

The Scientist Pte Ltd is a creative design firm that specializes in interior design. The types of services we offer are:

◦ consultancy
◦ design and build

We lead every project from planning and designing the space, to project management to completion.

At the heart of everything that we do here in The Scientist, we are fueled by the simple belief that there is no clear-cut formula to follow, what is needed is a strong passion and constant desire for creation.

These five elements are as important to a scientist as they are to a designer.

The Inquisitive Scientist Interior Design Singapore


We address every project with an open mind that’s continuously eager for knowledge and always keen to listen.

The Scientist Design DotsThe Explorative Scientist Interior Design Singapore


We live for discovery and seek for the right answers in everything that we do, to make sure that all your needs are always clearly met.

The Scientist Design DotsThe Scientist Design DotsThe Persistence Scientist Interior Design Singapore


Our dedication for excellence has no bounds, to ensure that we can consistently deliver a quality home that you can proudly call your own.

The Scientist Design DotsThe Creative Scientist Interior Design Singapore


Our design aesthetic is driven by pure imagination that is both pleasing to the eye and yet functional in every way.

The Analytical Scientist Interior Design Singapore


We make use of both science and intuition as tools in coming up with the best solutions to let your vision come to life.