Flora Drive
3-Bedroom Condo · 1377 sqft

Ferraria Park

Flora Drive

Condo · 
1377 sqft

You can’t deny its charm—a dark interior design done right gives a space an intimacy as well as an elegant, mysterious air. Besides just looking and feeling more interesting, darker hues theme wraps you up in sophistication. Although many people worry that dark colours may appear depressing, if it’s done right, they tend to be calming, super-relaxing and make you feel snuggled and cocooned.

Dark colours work well in wide-open layouts like this one. Copious amount of natural light bathe this living area, allowing light to traverse the interior. To diffuse light and allow privacy, automated wooden venetian blinds were installed.

Dark walls are a great opportunity to play with colour on upholstery and other furniture too. In the living space, bold bright coral orange lounge chairs makes a strong statement, and contrast beautifully with the darker tones.

The combination of material takes the contemporary look on a different level. A combination usage of classic colours, textured features, and sleek accessories creates a beautiful composition that plays well with the interior natural lighting.

The veined marble finish provides a seamless transition between the vertical strips wall feature and the reflective aluminium ceiling panels. With this, the dark laminates and Bianco Carrara polished marble flooring echoes a deluxe experience that achieves a strong and bold impression. Moreover, the interiors accentuated with comfortable furniture pieces makes the spaces look more relaxed and serene.

Furthermore, the rose gold stainless-steel kitchen, dark marbled bathrooms, neutral-toned walk-in wardrobe, and bold bedrooms blends seamlessly with the living spaces elegant theme.

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