Watten View, Singapore
Cluster Townhouse · 2700 sqft

Watten View

Watten View, Singapore

Cluster Townhouse · 
2700 sqft

A full-height TV feature wall takes centre stage in the living area. Different backings were used to complement the deep blue cabinetry. The sophisticated palette from living room continues to the kitchen. The intricate tile flooring shows how to harmonise two spaces with a dash of textural interest.

The daughter’s rooms are identical in furnishings, but what sets them apart are the accent wall colour and accessories. The vertical stripes on the accent wall not only add a cheery, but also visually lengthens the room height.

To bring a hotel-like experience for the guest room, an open concept bathroom has separated by a glass wall and door. It makes the space that is equally aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. Yet, it certainly benefits both spaces because light bounces around more freely, hence brightening up the spaces.

Following the spacious master bedroom, with its muted colour palette, spells relaxation and quiet elegance. It has made way for two walk-in wardrobes, and a full-size vanity area.

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