Dunearn Road
3-Room Loft Apartment · 1776 sqft


Dunearn Road

Loft Apartment · 
1776 sqft

The 1,776 sqft apartment offers the perfect balance, with tasteful, contemporary interiors that allude to both styles. The result is a home that is meticulous yet easy-going, and warm without being stifling. What is remarkable is that while every piece of furniture fits perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle, it is entirely to good taste and scrupulous planning, not extensive remodelling.

Indeed, the layout was unchanged, the flooring retained and most furnishings straight from stores or their previous home, with only a smattering of customised pieces and modifications driving the dramatic transformation.

The living area on the ground floor, whose neutral black, white and wood palette is enlivened by glints of bold red in the rug and the organic shapes of the sofa and coffee table, saw the most alterations.

A woodgrain laminate TV wall between the dining and sitting zones is the main visual feature, but was also created out of need. While glass walls at the back of the apartment allow natural light to stream in.

Asymmetrical strips in the feature wall provide a solution without blocking out sunlight, while framed black and white photos echo the monochromatic images and Bible verses printed and hung along the length of a living room wall.

Excerpt from Home and Décor Jan 2015

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