Tampines St 42

Tampines St 42

HDB · 
1500 sqft

With three young daughters in tow, maintaining an uncluttered home that’s roomy and stylish at the same time was definitely not easy for this couple. Working on this brief, The Scientist delivered by weaving in plenty of unobtrusive storage in the many custom-made pieces that fill this flat, creating a chic and highly functional home.

All that extra space came in handy for the kitchen and dining areas, as the family often entertains. The existing kitchen entrance was sealed up, creating a larger portal on an adjoining wall so the kitchen, dining area and foyer lay in a straight line. The new entrance also allows light from the kitchen’s windows to penetrate right through the spaces, enlivening the interior.

The same woodgrains are mirrored on the floor-to-ceiling TV console in the living room, creating yet another visually striking piece to draw eyes across the hall, elongating the space.

Being avid readers, the couple wished to instill a love for reading in their kids. Thus, for the study a large bookshelf was custom-made to showcase their extensive collection of over 300 books! Darker wood panelling was chosen for this fixture to match the slightly reddish tones of the parquet floor, and geometric wire-frame lighting was selected to complete the look of the room.

Excerpt from Squarerooms July 2015

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication