Prince Charles Crescent
2-Bedroom Condo · 861 sqft

Principal Garden

Prince Charles Crescent

Condo · 
861 sqft

The 861sqft two-bedroom residence is a dual-key unit; it was originally configured as two studio-like spaces with separate kitchens. The space has been reconfigured to suit the owners’ needs and lifestyle.

We were enlisted to help improve the spatial flow of the abode and design ample storage solutions that could be seamlessly integrated into it. The brief was also to expand the master bedroom and kitchen, while creating a cosy living area.

One of the bedrooms was converted into an open-plan living area and kitchen. A spacious island functions as both dining area and secondary workspace for the homeowner, accompanied by white cabinetry for their culinary tools.

The biggest challenge of this project was to incorporate many storage options despite the apartment’s compact footprint. To create both ingenious and elegant solution throughout the home, we designed cupboards feature that has French-style detailing in light grey colour. These cabinetry units are installed behind the sofa in the living room and along the corridor. The full-height cabinetry feature bevelled edges that also frame the linear proportions of the space.

For another decorative flourish, we added ornamental elements to the living room to reference the home’s French influences. The art nouveau-inspired detailing is applied subtly to the feature wall that frames the TV console, bringing a graceful touch to the minimalist living room. Silver-toned hardware and brass door knobs in vintage finish enhance the elegant look.


Marrying art nouveau inspiration with French influences