Lorong Salleh, Singapore
Semi-Detached House · 3600 sqft

Lorong Salleh

Lorong Salleh, Singapore

Semi-Detached House · 
3600 sqft

A Contemporary-style Landed Living Room in Lorong Salleh (Block 16A) by Interior Designer, The Scientist.

One of the main ideas was to provide an entertainment foyer area without disrupting its daily functional spaces. The living area includes comfortable sofas in white colors made of leather material and its adjacent carpentry were simple but are equally beautiful.

The conceptualized lean lines partition wall accentuates the room. This design serves as a transition from the foyer to the living and dining area while its pure white walls form a backdrop for its daring lighting fittings thus giving the space a cohesive whole.

This contemporary space uses the monochrome approach to achieve a more spacious look.

Furthermore, Matte black bedroom carpentries feature a true monochrome palette whereas visually contrasting with the light-colored wall paint.

Everything has a place and everything in its place