Bendemeer Light

Bendemeer Light

HDB · 
990 sqft

The first thing that will strike anyone entering Cyn Chua and Derrick Chan’s home is its evocative colour palette. Dressed in mid-tone blues and greens and accented with black, the mood of the home is at once sophisticated and edgy. It is a far cry from typical Build-To-Order units that prize bright and airy interiors.

For their private quarters, Cyn and Derrick decided to convert a bedroom into a walk-in-wardrobe. With its unique colour palette, tasteful furnishings and material choices, and clever configuration, Cyn and Derrick’s home proves that HDB homes to no need to adhere to a certain style.

The home’s unconventional but appealing look was what made it stand out from the rest of the Home Search entries. Despite its strong mid-century modern vibe – complete with plenty of copper and brass accents complemented by dark wood finishes – the couple reveals that they did not have a particular theme in mind when planning the renovation of their 990-square foot home. Their brief was simple: to incorporate different elements that they liked into the space.

Outlined in black cabinetry, fittings and appliances the cooking zone carries over the home’s sophisticated vibe. No detail has been spared for this utilitarian space – even the walls of the service yard and accompanying pipes were painted over in black. The black theme is further enhanced by brass and copper hardware and strips of copper-lookalike trimming that line the cabinet’s circumference.

Excerpt from SquareRooms December 2017

Dare to be different because different is unique